Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

((1 Week late. sorry about that!))

Lenore by Roman Dirge

There are few things in this world more terrifying then nursery rhymes. when you stop and really think about the context of what is going on in those stories you reveal some really twisted stuff. Roman Dirge understands this. Lenore is the story of a wonderful little girl who one day got very sick and tragically passed away, only to wake up again halfway through the embalming process. Yes that is correct my friends, Lenore is one of those “Gothic, horror, comedy” kind of comics, much like Squee and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. (if you aren’t familiar with them, don’t worry, Ill be writing later installments on their epicness!) So going into this one you’re gonna need a dark sense of humor and an appreciation for alternative art. If you think you qualify then this is totally the comic for you!

A quick rundown of the kind of things you will encounter in Lenore; disturbing re-visitations of childhood nursery rhymes, Lenore’s creepy stalker boyfriend Mr. Gosh who is murdered over and over again, limbless cannibals, an all powerful vampire whose soul is trapped in Lenore’s teddy bear, and (my favorite) the strange undead moose thing named Taxidermy that lives in the woods behind Lenore’s house. The first couple of comics are kind of random and don’t really develop much story but eventually something like a storyline is formed. You will laugh, you will cringe, you might even catch yourself checking your basement for Taxidermy’s horrible pet not dead thing Malakai. (something that still worries me to this day)

There is just one problem I have with Lenore. The fact that I can never really find any copies of it. The big re-release graphic novels are kind of obscure and the individual comics are next to impossible to get. My advice to you is if you ever find one floating around somewhere BUY IT! Even if they aren’t really your cup of tea exactly I’m sure you could find some one *cough cough* who would be more then willing to buy em off of ya (perhaps a long haired pale dude in a leather jacket?). Well maybe they aren’t THAT difficult to find. I just simply refuse to enter a Hot Topic anymore. I have my reasons, don’t ask.


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