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Deadline, written by Bill Rosemann drawn by Guy Davis

One of the great things about Marvel comics is that all of their characters exist in the same world. Not only that, but they actually interact with one another and have relationships beyond team members or arch rivals. The Marvel universe has changed from cliched good guy bad guy superhero stuff to real stories in which their characters have real lives, and have to deal with normal stuff as well as the fantastic. Sure, the Human torch flew around and shot down the bad guys with blasts of fire, but he also had to apprehend them, wait for the cops, help the fire department manage the flames, and deal with the press. They deal with the real problems as well as the amazing ones. This is where Deadline really shines.

Deadline follows Katherine Farrell, a reporter for the Daily Bugle. Yes, the very same paper that our beloved Peter Parker works for. Kats job isnt glamorous or prestigious. She reports on the “capes”. And boy does she hate the capes. In the Marvel world, reporting on the latest super battle is a lot like reporting on the weather, or at least it is to Kat. She would much rather be investigating corrupt congressman, warzones, or other world changing events, but alas she is stuck with “rookie work” such as following around self important pretty boys in tights. I wont (and never will) ruin the story for you, but as she investigates a string of murders involving super humans, Kat finds herself dragged deeper and deeper into the fantastic and dangerous world of super heroes.

One of the things Deadline has perfected is the art of the cameo. some of our favorite heroes and villains jump in and out of the story seamlessly and really gives you a feel for the world of Marvel. The Leaper gets tagged by Hawkeye and has to go get the arrow removed, Bullseye chats up our leading lady at a dive bar, Tombstone makes some veiled threats on behalf of the Kingpin, and so on. There are even a few minor bad guys from way back in the day like Third rail or Carjack that come into the story. By far the best part of the story is a new hero that is introduced, The Judge, a pale man dressed in black robes who fade in and out of existence.

All in all, Deadline is one of those “unknown” comics that I think did not get quite the degree of attention it deserved. This is defiantly one of those comics to look out for when browsing your local comic shop or bookstore.

  1. Kate Glavin says:

    Is there a local comic shop that you like?

    • jxx26 says:

      I havent been able to go to one for quite some time. no money and all that. but any place that sells books I pretty much frequent.

  2. Are you creating any of your own comics, if so I’d love to hear about that, or even understand struggles in the creative process.
    I don’t read comics and I’ve never known much about them other than the comics made into movies from 300 to Spiderman, but last quarter I took a class and learned there is a teacher at our school who creates comics, and was introduced to the comic, Understanding Comics.

    • jxx26 says:

      years ago I had quite a few ideas for comics, but now they have all either dead ended or been turned into screenplays. and being a comic nerd I do tend to draw a lot of inspiration for my movies from comics.

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