Batman: Arkham Asylum

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Batman: Arkham Asylum, A Serious House on Serious Earth. written by Grant Morrison and beautifully drawn and painted by Dave McKean.

The Boarders down by my house is closing. upon hearing this (after my girlfriend got me to calm down and stop screaming obscenities) I went down and took advantage of the 40% discount before my favorite and most convenient book store went under. while browsing the thoroughly molested shelves I stumbled across a copy of the 15th anniversary edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum. It had to be mine.

Right off the bat (pun totally intended) Arkham Asylum strikes the viewer as something very different then your average comic. This is due primarily to the fact that every page is a beautiful mix of paint, pencil sketches, and photography. The artwork is done in a strange surrealist/realistic style that mimics the madness inherent in the asylum and its inmates. Throughout the book, Batman finds himself lost in long black hallways with twisting corners, brightly colored rooms filled with babbling maniacs, or lightning bolt lit rooftops. bottom line, if you have a macabre sense of humor and can stomach some of the creepier bits, this is one of the most visually stunning comics you could ever pic up.

Now to the story. Anyone who played the game based after this comic knows it, but Ill give a run-down. Arkham Asylum is the legendary madhouse where all of Batmans most dangerous enemies are kept. Every time Batman puts the smack down on Joker, Two-face, or Scarecrow, this is where they get dumped. Our story begins with an uprising. Something horrible has happened at the asylum and now the inmates are running the show, lead of course, by The Joker. but the real meat of the story isn’t  in Batmans daring rescue. In this story we get a peek into the inner workings of our beloved lunatic villains. not only that, but we find out exactly how Arkham Asylum was built, and a detailed accounting of its builder Dr. Amadeus Arkham. I wont ruin the story for you, but if you can deal with a mature story involving; murder, insanity, dark humor, and more creepy blurry text then you can shake a stick at, then this book is for you!


  1. Kate Glavin says:

    How many different Batman writers/illustrators are there?

    • jxx26 says:

      there have been many over the years. but it kinda depends on which comic youre talking about. the main series, detective comics, batman and robin, or any of the dozens of stand alone stories and graphic novels. I could look into it but thats a lot of digging to do.

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